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About the OSAP Project

OSAP is authored by myself, Jake Read. I’m a PhD Student at the MIT Center for Bits and Atoms, where I am advised by Prof. Neil Gershenfeld who originally pushed me to “put graphs in everything” after he wrote the mods project. OSAP also owes intellectual debt to Nadya Peek’s Object Oriented Hardware thesis and the pyGestalt project that Ilan Moyer made large contributions to.

My work on OSAP is driven (in part) by a desire for modular machine controllers. I put those to use on the Clank! project. As well, a desire to make building hardware projects easier, i.e. plug-and-play, rather than plug-and-compile. I do that in the modular-things project, which I work on with Leo McElroy and Quentin Bolsee.

Contact / Contributing / Status

The project documentation is centered on this website, but check the repos linked in usage and get in touch via github if you’d like to contribute. I’d be stoked to hear about ideas, criticisms, naughty pieces of code you found, egregious mistakes I’ve made, networking strategies you’ve become enamoured with, or interesting systems you’re trying to make-more-modular.

Project Status

As of this writing 2023-03-05 I’m calling OSAP “alpha” and have released 0.3.0 as an arduino library arduino. A python build is in the works, as is an NPM release of the javascript codes.


This work may be reproduced, modified, distributed, performed, and displayed for any purpose, but must acknowledge the OSAP project. Copyright is retained and must be preserved. The work is provided as is; no warranty is provided, and users accept all liability.