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Building OSAP Projects

OSAP is largely unstable for the time being, but I am launching it as an arduino library for the time being, with NPM and PIP versions, along with complete-systems examples, soon to come.

Install osap-arduino

Documentation and install instructions will be kept up-to-date on those repositories.

For a friendlier introduction to OSAP, try the modular-things project.

modular-things on GitHub

Get in Touch

Last note: my apologies that this isn’t better documented at the moment. It’s new! If you’re stoked about it but can’t get something to work, bother me and (even though I may not respond) I will think about carving out a day to make some better how-to guides. Useful info: tell me exactly what you would like to do with the project! And tell me how experienced you are with firmware / hardware / etc.