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The Approach

TL/DR; Hardware and software modules are made to commingle in the same graph structure, using software defined network links. Packets can be written from anywhere to anywhere in the graph; we use source routing (aka path addressing) to name and route objects, and flowcontrol to avoid buffering / overrun issues. On top of this we write a software-to-network API in the form of data endpoints that can be written to, read from, and have onData handlers etc - and a configuration system akin to a distributed model view controller mixed with graph traversal algorithms.


This section is out-of-date, as OSAP recently underwent a large change. Spiritually, it is true to the blurb above, but it has been greatly simplified and packet-structure drawings (etc) that were on this page before are incomplete.

I will update this… soon. For now, the best docs are likely at the modular-things project.